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MaryS August 22, 2016 0Career Advice

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For those who are considering a career in video game testing, there are some things the beginner should know. It is not enough to simply enjoy playing video games. A lot of people enjoy playing games, but that does not mean that the life of game testers is the right career path for them.

The first thing that a beginner should know about game testers is their role in the development of a game. It may seem difficult to believe that a video game maker would pay someone to play a game, but it is actually a very important part of the development process. A game manufacturer must ensure that a new game is free of errors and glitches that could cause problems to the consumer when the game is brought to the market. The game testers perform this role by playing the game and isolating the errors for the manufacturer to fix before it gets into the hands of the public.

There are different types of games you can test. For instance, you can test consoles like Nintendo, online multi player games, fantasy games and so on. Apart from testing, you can also coach people to become better players and in the process make a living. For instance, if you are a pro at playing League of Legends, you can join a site like and offer coaching services.

Game testers must have impeccable communication skills to be successful in the field. You might be able to find the bugs and glitches, but if you can’t effectively communicate to the company, the information is useless. Work on your ability to write effectively to detail the experiences that you have playing video games.

A teleague of legendsster usually works on their own. This means that game testers must be experts in time management. Without effective time management skills, the work will not be completed, deadlines missed and the manufacturer will not find you a dependable resource for your information no matter how good you are at game testing. Even if you are working out of your home, you must be able to devote a portion of your day to work and nothing else. Treat it like a job that you travel to every day or you will soon find yourself running out of time for your testing work. Let your family and friends know that while it may seem like you are playing, you are actually working and cannot be disturbed.

Before quitting your day job, try beta testing on a few projects to determine if it is the right field for you. You can also take on some assignments that you can do at night in your spare time to get started in the field. Make sure that you will be able to earn a living game testing before you quit your job. You might find that the job is not the right one for you. Or you just might find that it is the dream job you have been looking for your entire life. Either way, you have to try it before you can decide. Take the job seriously and expect that there will be times when you do not enjoy your work and times when you love every minute of it. Every job has those moments when the work is tedious and boring. Game testers go through this just like everyone else.

Sharing is caring!

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