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Best Bras for College Students

Best Bras for College Students

Which are the best bras for college students? We asked our readers for recommendations and compiled the answers into this article. Read on.

The first bra is usually quite simple. But with age, and your fashion sense grows, you begin to wonder how that bra even made to your collection. Also, if you had a lot of money to spend, an ill-fitting bra could ruin your outfit. People need to invest in the right undergarments.

Best Bras for College Students

You will love these bras regardless of your size, wardrobe, and fashion sense.

#1.  Seamless T-shirt Bras

The T-shirt bra is the real MVP in your collection and is the best for college students. It is smooth, has no frills or lace and comes in a nude color that complements the color of your skin, therefore, means that you can wear it under any outfit. This bra is known as a seamless since it has that perfect seamless fit under cotton t-shirt’s and you can put it on under anything else. It does not show even under a tight shirt because it is smooth and the cups are seamless.

Since you’ll be wearing it regularly, it will be wise investing in a number of them. You could be expecting white to be a versatile color, and white bras tend to show when you wear it with a white shirt, and would also shine when light reflects on your top. Get a nude bra for your light tops, and black bras for the dark tops and clothes.

#2.  Sports Bras

Sports bras that offer support are essential since they come in handy during your gym sessions, P.E, and cheer practice, best bras for students. Your regular bras won’t be ideal for workouts, even for people with a small chest. You will require more support when you bounce and round around.

Try to find a front closure sports bra with thick straps with a racerback, particularly if you have large breasts. For extra comfort, some of these bras have underwires.

#3.  Strapless Bra

Sometimes, bra straps can be annoying, especially when you put them on with a spaghetti strap dress or an off-shoulder, since it can surely ruin your look.  The best longline strapless bra will provide support and cover, leaving your shoulders exposed. You won’t wear your strapless bra often, but it will save the day during dressy occasions such as the prom, homecoming or when you want to wear a flirty top.

Since the bra does not have a strap to keep your breasts in place, you need to have one that fits perfectly well. You can get a professional to measure you up or help you choose the appropriate style and size.

#4.  Convertible Bra

You will love this bra if you are a fan of halter and tank tops, and other clothes with trick necklines. Convertible bras have straps that you can detach so that they can come off as strapless bras too. You can get away by just a purchase of the bra.

What you will love most about this bra is that you can change the straps to fit your style and enhance support. For halter tops or racerback silhouettes, you can cross the bra straps at the back. And if your outfit is one-shouldered, you can wear only a strap.

#5.  Comfy Bralette

A comfy plus size bralette will make your breasts feel comfortable. Bralettes are like pajamas for your breasts, literally! They don’t provide enough support for the breasts especially for girls with big boobs but are super comfortable since they have no underwires and this makes them ideal for those lazy days in the house when watching movies or just unwinding, if you don’t want to wear a bra but need support and cover.

And since they are made using letter sizes, that is S in place of 32B, and L in place of 36D. The sizes in letters will make getting your bra size easier because you don’t have to get the difference in measurement of your bust and the ribcage.

#6.  Plunge Bra

Plunge bras for large breasts help you avoid fidgeting with the neckline and saves you the worry of your bra getting flashed when you wear an outfit that has a low cut. The yoke – where the bra joins the bra cups between the breasts, is slightly lower than on a regular t-shirt bra, that keeps it concealed under an outfit with a V-neck or one that has a low cut.

For tops that have quite a low cut, we recommend a plunge bra with a U shape which has a gore cut, as it helps it stay hidden underneath plunging necklines. Not a soul will notice you wearing a bra!

#7.  Pretty Bra

Well, this may not be very necessary, but listen to us! You will need a small amount of money on this type of bra. But, a beautiful bra with a cute color, some cool prints, or a design that is flirty which you find adorable, will give you a sense of fun in expressing your style! It, therefore, makes the whole idea of getting to wear a bra somewhat pleasant.


If you need to put on a bra, at least get one that would make you have that tinge of excitement. Nude bras can come off as dull as much as they are practical. Check out these stores for beautiful bras at affordable prices: H&M, Forever 21, and Aerie. Purchasing a cute bra on a budget won’t make you feel bad in case you don’t get to wear them frequently. The more accessories and lace in a bra, the higher its likelihood of showing through thin tops, so, have a look at yourself in the mirror before stepping out!

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