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best online colleges

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Updated June 2016

Online education are touching new benchmarks and unprecedented heights. Right now, in respect to some professional degree programs, online education has outwitted traditional campus based education.

The global economic slowdown has largely changed the mindset of career aspirants of various professional. Today, students think of obtaining more than one degrees related to their academic discipline to be competitive in the job market. Moreover, professionals of different fields are improving their careers potential by obtaining additional degrees.

Online universities are a viable alternative for many students as well as professionals with more than one academic or professional engagement. Most accredited online universities offer degree or diplomas in many professional disciplines. Below is a  brief introduction to the top 10 online universities in the country.

1) University of Phoenix
This university has the largest online educational network in north America. Apart from the online network, the university has a lot of modern campuses across the country. It offers educational degree, diploma and certification programs which cover almost all the educational disciplines. In any list of top 5 online universities, this university is a automatic choice.

2) Walden University
This online university is well known for its great expanse of its educational offerings in almost every professional and academic disciplines. The reputation of this university is well spread in many quarters of business and government  employers.

3) DeVry University
The academic excellence of this university is well known around the country. The university offers a great range of career focused education covering almost all the professional disciplines. Popular disciplines include healthcare, business, education, psychology, social studies, technology, natural sciences, applied science etc.

4) Kaplan University
This university would dominantly feature in any list of top 10 online universities, especially in health care and related disciplines. This university is famous for its online technician programs in health care, like pharmacy, dentistry, physician assistant, nursing and many more.

5) American Intercontinental University
This online university has built a huge reputation in study of some disciplines, which make it rank among the top 10 online universities of the country. The specific schools of online education that the university offers are:

  • School of Business
  • School of Criminal Justice
  • School of Design
  • School of Education
  • School of Information Technology.

6) Ashford University
This university is well known for its professional and career oriented degree curriculums rather than academic studies. This university is a great destination for the aspirants of online master degree programs in various careers. Some of the programs offered include:

  • Master of Arts in Education – Online
  • Master of Arts in Health Care Administration – Online
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Management – Online
  • Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology – Online
  • Master of Business Administration – Online
  • Master of Public Administration – Online

7) John Hopkins University Online
This university offers degree programs in the traditional classroom setting. However, in recent years, some of its degree programs have started to be offered online. The university is popular in  science, environmental studies and technology. The online degree program’s offered by this university include:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Planning and Management
  • Environmental Engineering and Science
  • Systems Engineering.

8 ) Boston University Online
In the traditional university rankings, Boston University would always feature among the top 5 universities in the country. However, we feature it at no. 7 because it’s comparatively new in the online space. The great tradition of its educational excellence is present in its online university.

9) Colorado Technical University Online
This university has no comparison in online technical and applied technology education. It’s Master degree program in Business and IT is among the best in the country. The degree can be  completed in a record time of just 15 months.

10) Florida Tech University Online
This is a 100% online university specialized in technical as well as applied science and technology disciplines. The university has been ranked many a times as one of the top 5 online universities in the country by the U.S. news.

The above list of top 10 online universities in the country excludes many a great universities which offer a wide array of quality educational programs in many disciplines.

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