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For students entering a university for the first time, it is important for them to know some tips on how to study. The study habits that students develop during their Elementary and High School years may not be applicable in college or university. In college, there is a large volume of complicated subjects  to be studied for one to have a great career.

In this article, we have listed some great study tips for college students. Some of these tips may go against the study strategies that you have been taught in the past. However, we encourage you to read them and try them out.

Change Your Study Areas

It’s common to hear student counselors saying that you should study in the same place all the time. However, studies conducted by cognitive scientists indicate that you have better retentive ability if you study in different places. If you change the places where you usually study, your memory retention is likely to improve.

Use Flash Cards

When studying, make use of flash cards. The more you write down notes and definitions, the easier it would be for you to memorize and remember them. Using flash cards will also enable you to come up with useful mnemonics and associative phrases that will make easily recall what you study.

Many students make the mistake of categorizing themselves. Some would say they are visual learners while others say they learn easily by hearing. Others say they are left-brained or right-brained. Rather than fix yourself in a learning category, determine instead what study strategies are best for you.

A Subject Every Hour

Don’t just focus on studying one subject for hours on end. It is better to study each subject for one hour at a time, taking ten minute breaks in between. Taking breaks in-between the hours relaxes and refreshes the brain. This strategy is related to how brainwave frequencies work. You can learn more about brainwave frequencies at this link:

Study Groups

Perhaps one of the best study resources is a homework group with your peers. Studies have shown that studying with your peers will not only help you to reduce your study load, but will also leads to greater comprehension of the subject material. Just make sure that you and your peers are indeed studying and not simply playing around talking about boys/girls.

You and your homework group should also take advantage of the resources that your school has to offer. Ask your professors if they can tutor you on difficult subjects. Visit the library and check out the books and computer files. Having difficulty with that chemistry project? Ask permission from your professor to use the lab.

Stay Healthy

One very important tip that you should not forget is to keep yourself healthy. Eat a healthy diet that will help the brain, for example fruits and vegetables. Reduce your intake of sweets and junk foods. To stay alert, make sure that you exercise regularly. Last but not least, get enough sleep at night. Have a fixed sleep time. Doing all nighters will only make your brain tired.

Do you have other study tips to share? Comment them below.

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