Where to Find Short Term Car Insurance for Students

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short term car insurance for students

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As a student, you will need a car to get around. But one question you may have is where you can get short term car insurance. If you want to insure for days, this article is for you.

You’re probably thinking that since you’re only borrowing or renting that car for only a day or a few days, you can go scott-free on insurance. Maybe you only need the vehicle for a road trip with friends or to move to a new house. Sometimes,  your car may be broken and you need to run errands.  When you have a car, it may only be a few hours before it incur damages. This is not to wish you bad luck.  Instead, it’s a call to remind you that it’s important to get insured even if you’ll only be having the car for a short period.

To protect yourself, you should get short term car insurance for students.

What is Short Term Car Insurance?

Just as the name suggests, short term car insurance insures you for days, say 1-28. The insurance works just the same way as normal or annual car insurance, but it’s more open-ended.  Unlike what most people think, short term car insurance is not very expensive, considering what damages will cost you if you’re not insured.

Depending on your car and drive, you can part with £20 or less for a day and a few hundreds for a month to get temporary car insurance. Even better, your vehicle’s normal insurance policy no-claim bonus will not be affected at all!

How to Apply for Car Insurance

Just like getting normal car insurance, you have to be 21 years and older and less than 75 years to get a temporary car insurance. Obviously, assuming this is not your vehicle, you need to have permission from the car owner. It‘s impractical for anyone to need a short term vehicle insurance for their own car. The law does not even permit it.

To get short term insurance for students, you will be asked for your particulars, name and address, your driving history and licence. Most importantly, you will have to provide details of the car you want to insure. After all these are proved, you can make your payment and print your insurance.

What does temporary car insurance offer?

The short term insurance is just a mini version of the annual normal car insurance. You will get covered for all accident damages, fire, vandalism and all.  You will get accident recovery and repair and you can get new car replacement in case of theft. In case of death or injury to other people or their property, you will be legally covered.

What will you not get covered for?

In case you need extra cover like comprehensive cover (in Europe), cover for alloy wheels, scratches dents and mis-fuelling, no-claims bonus protection or breakdown cover, you will have to get those at an added cost.

Where can you get temporary insurance?

Although the number of providers is limited, it’s quite easy to get a temporary car insurance. All you need to do is fill in an online form on providers’ sites. Not all comparison sites list all day car insurance but here is a directory of some car insurance providers.


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