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How Much Does a Nurse Anesthetist Earn?

nurse anesthetist

The area of specialty, location and experience are just of a few of the factors that can influence the amount of a nurse anesthetist salary.

Nurse anesthetist is a specially educated and trained nurse that specializes in administering anesthesia to safely alleviate pain during to patients undergoing surgery or other medical procedures. The national association that represents 92 percent of these professionals is the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists’ (AANA). The salary of a nurse anesthetist is often higher than general nurses or medical assistants.


Factors That Influence a Nurse Anesthetist Salary

The salary of a nurse anesthetist can greatly vary depending on the geographical region in which they work. The setting in which the anesthetist works such as hospital operating rooms, senior homes, clinics or on a contractual basis will also determine the salary paid. Nurses with the highest level of nursing education provide the most earning potential in general.

Since the year 1998 certified registered nurse anesthetists have been required to possess specialized education focusing on anesthesiology at the graduate level. Past work experience is a factor in salary increases. In fact, the potential for rapid salary growth that can be awarded based upon experience is one of the most popular benefits of this career. Nurse anesthetist salary is also higher in when working in certain nursing specialties, for example, when helping the elderly that use the best lightweight wheelchairs.

How Job Duties of a Nurse Anesthetist

The amount of income of a nurse anesthetist makes is commonly in proportion to their skill level and the duties they perform. Most of these professionals do analyze the affect of the anesthetic on a patient, administer anesthetics, monitor the patient’s vital signs and communicate with the surgeon.

Other nurse anesthetists perform advanced tasks during medical procedures such as insert airways, administer oxygen and communicate directly with the patient concerning the procedure or surgery. These additional responsibilities result in an increase in the nurse anesthetist salary.


Certified nurse anesthetists are some of the highest paid nursing professionals. The amount of a nurse anesthetist salary differs depending upon the source. The AMGA Medical Group Compensation and Financial Survey reported the annual salary as approximately $158,000. Other surveys placed the annual salary at $155,000. Because they have a higher level of responsibility, certified registered nurse anesthetists were reported as earning an average of $160,000 in the year 2005.

More recently, the average salary range for nurse anesthetists is reported as $130,000. Ninety percent of nurse anesthetists earn $175,000. Seventy five percent earn $166,000, twenty five percent earn $146,000 and ten percent earn about $139,000. The potential salary can reach $200,000 or more. Depending on the geographical location a nurse anesthetist salary can be between $95 to over $100 per hour; up to $4,200 for a 40 hour work week.

Career Possibilities

Nursing jobs of all types are still in demand despite today’s economy.  The chances of earning a good nurse anesthetist salary are even greater. This is partly due to the fact that the nursing shortage has created a need for advance practice nurses such as nurse anesthetists.

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