Scholarships for Students With Poor Vision

scholarships for students with glasses

Scholarships for Students With Poor Vision

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Students with poor vision can get scholarships to make it easier for them to afford college. There are a number of credit card companies that have started offering scholarships for students with poor vision. Discover Card Scholarship is one of the scholarships offered. The scholarship is also known as the Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarship. The scholarship is offered as a “tribute” to successful high school seniors  looking to move forward with a college education.

One thing that makes the Discover Card Scholarship interesting is that it is designed so that high school juniors are eligible to apply for it. That may seem strange since it will be at least a year before most high school juniors are going to college. However, that is the way the scholarship has been set up.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Discover Card Tribute Scholarship, you must be a high school junior currently enrolled in an accredited public or private high school in the United States. You should also have a GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 2.75. While the GPA requirement is lower than that of many scholarships, the Discover Card Scholarship only considers the average GPA from the 9th and 10th grades.

Another requirement is for the applicants should demonstrate how they have overcome a significant roadblock or challenge in their life. This requirement is open to a broad range of interpretation. However, it’s the people who evaluate applicants for the scholarship that have the final decision on this. Only them know what would be considered a significant roadblock or challenge that you have overcome. Perhaps you can talk about how you have excelled in certain areas despite having low vision. You can find tips on answering this question at this eyeglasses  scholarship resource website.

Finally, the student should demonstrate leadership in achievements or community service. Almost all high schools have opportunities for students to sign up for community service tasks. These activities range from working at the public library, on a Habitat For Humanity project, serving food at the local homeless shelter, among others. If you are involved in any of these projects, find out from your high school counselor how you can get community service credits for them.

The state awards for the Discover Card Scholarship are $2500 each. Up to 300 scholarships are awarded each year. Discover Card also awards up to 10 national scholarships valued at up to $25,000.

If you meet the requirements, consider applying for the Discover Card Scholarship.

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