Top Skills Employers Look for in Mobile App Developers

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Top Skills Employers Look for in Mobile App Developers

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As smartphones become a part and parcel of our everyday life, the demand for mobile app developers has been increasing. This is part of the reason many students are choosing careers in the mobile app development space.

From iOS to Android, and a host of other smaller mobile operating systems, there are many opportunities for mobile web app developers. This means many businesses need and will continue to mobile app developers for years to come.

If you would like to pursue a career in mobile app development, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

At NPMHU Local, we get tons of adverts every day. This gives us a vantage point in knowing what employers are looking for. We have dived deep into our data to put together the top skills employers look for in mobile app developers. When you have these skills, you will improve the prospects of getting a job.

Cross Platform Development

In today’s competitive mobile industry, being skilled in developing apps for one platform is not enough. You have to be versatile to create apps for various mobile devices.

Employers prefer developers skilled in creating apps for both iOS and Android. Knowing how to create apps for other platforms is even better. However, iOS and Android are the major platforms you should know how to develop apps for.

Apart from this, if you would like to develop mobile-friendly apps, it’s important to have experience in responsive site development. Even if you will not concentrating in mobile web development, having this knowledge will give you an edge over the candidates.

UX/UI Design Skills

Mobile applications need to do more than simply work. Given the millions of apps available for consumers to choose from, your app should stand out. This all comes down to having sleek usability and good design.

Employers are looking for mobile app developers with good UI and UX skills. This is apart from the standard developer requirements. You can brush your UI/UX skills by checking various online courses at platforms like SkillShare, Udemy and others.

Modern Programming Languages

To be successful in today’s marketplace, it important to have solid skills in programming using modern languages. A good understanding of languages like C#, HTML5, Java, PHP as well as familiarity with front end development is important. Employers are looking for developers with experience in one or more of these main programming languages. If this is you, you stand high chances of landing lucrative mobile app development roles.

To stay ahead of the pack, you can also learn niche languages such as Apple’s Xcode development, Swift and others.

Experience in Agile Methodologies

Familiarity with agile methodologies is important if you are interested in mobile app development career. If you are not sure what agile methodologies are, they are simply software development methods that are used to create solutions through team collaboration. These methodologies are common in development of mobile apps.

Computer Science or Equivalent

When it comes to mobile app development jobs, academic qualification is not always a requirement. However, some employers require applicants to have some sort of computer or computing science qualification.

Whether you have a degree, have taken an online course or NVQ, having the qualification in your CV can improve your chances of getting hired for mobile development jobs. These qualifications show that you are dedicated and have official qualifications to develop mobile apps.

If you don’t have academic qualifications, experience can compensate for it.

The above are the five top skills that employers look for in mobile app developers.

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