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university of alberta

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Nestled quietly on the banks of Edmonton, Alberta’s North Saskatchewan River, The University of Alberta has been anything but quiet for the past 100 years. Students at the campus live full lives and some even document their journeys online. For example, Shelly, a first year nursing student just started a blog on stethoscope reviews. Check her latest article about the best stethoscope for nurses.

Since opening its doors in 1908, the campus has committed to and delivered excellence in education and grown to become one of the world’s finest educational institutions.Programs are far too extensive to list here but include degree programs in the arts and sciences (including modern technology such as 3D printing pens, virtual reality, etc.), research-oriented and professional programs, native studies as well as a large variety of extension courses.

Since day one, such distinguished faculty has taught an ever-growing number of post-secondary students – recent statistics report more than 36,000 students attend annually with those numbers including international students from over 100 countries.

From the very beginning, the University of Alberta has led the way in history-making remarkable research discoveries: Dr. James Collip, who worked with Drs. Frederick Banting and Charles Best, to create the rudimentary – yet successful – beginnings of insulin, Dr. Karl Clark who developed a hot water oil retraction treatment and Dr. Raymond Lemieux who dramatically improved treatments for leukemia and hemophilia.

And the University of Alberta is beginning to outgrow its quiet riverbank home. Recent construction project highlights include the $120-million dollar National Institute for Nanotechnology (opened in 2007), the $25-million dollar Agri-Food Discovery Place (researching meat safety and nutritionally enhanced foods) as well as the extension of a modern Light Rail Transit system, which can speed students to classes from the far northeastern reaches of the city.

university of alberta

Should students wish to live closer to campus, there is ample housing available within minutes of class. Those private homes, apartments and basement suites can get snapped up quickly by eager renters, so it is best to start looking early. Potential students would be wise to contact the University’s Student Union Housing Registry. You can find them on-line at One unique campus housing option certainly worth mentioning is a picturesque, multi-level glass mall, which combines apartments, convenience shopping and eating establishments.

With all of this and even more to offer, without question, the University of Alberta is one of the best in the west; furthermore, it continually ranks as one of the best in the world. The facility has persisted and proved itself as an educational prize … if you are checking out furthering your post-secondary education, first check out the University of Alberta’s website at

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