Where to Find Job Vacancies

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Where to Find Job Vacancies

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There are many resources available which will assist you in your search for a new job. As your reading this, you’ll probably already know that the Internet is a wonderful tool to help you find a new position. Bear in mind however that the Internet is not the ‘be all and end all’ when it comes to finding a new role, often more traditional methods can be equally, if not more successful.

Advice on Vacancy Sources

Now that you have updated your CV, it’s time to test the quality of your material. Many individuals find that there
are interesting advertisements for them to follow-up on and submit their CV. But, everyone needs to be aware that published advertisements are only one way of approaching the market place.

Although there may be much in terms of the published newspaper advertisements there are all the other vehicles for such vacancies to be considered – remember the journals, professional press and now never forget the Internet.

Here are some of the things you can do straight away…

Search Online Job Banks

A Job Bank is a web based database of job vacancies where recruiters or organizations can advertise their vacancies to the widest possible audience quickly and cost effectively. Many job banks feature a tool which enables you to can save your criteria and have matching jobs e-mailed to you as and when they appear, saving you task of going back and checking the job bank for suitable vacancies.

Locate Relevant National Newspaper Ads

All the US national newspapers have web sites with links to their classified recruitment advertising. The nationals tend to have specific audiences – e.g.. NY Times is strong on media, charities and social issues; The Times is the best place for legal and educational roles; the FT for financial and so on.

What does that mean? Weird and wonderful acronyms and abbreviations

Do you know your CADS from your CAMS, your EPOS from your EFTPOS, your LAN from your WAN and your OTE from your OTC. Click here for a roundup of some of the acronyms and abbreviations you may find in recruitment advertisements.

Scan Local Newspaper Job Ads

Local newspapers may not immediately spring to mind as the best place to find a new career but some regional papers do carry heavyweight job ads as they have a very strong local business readership – e.g.. The Yorkshire Post and the Scottish press easily rival the nationals in their regions. Regional press is also useful if you are looking to relocate, would prefer local work and particularly for part-time and job shares. Local newspapers have a strong Internet presence and have even aggregated their individual sites into one large database so you can search them all at once!

Find the Right Recruiters

This can be a love/hate relationship – you will probably need to come into contact with a recruiter at some point during your job search and it’s often a case of ‘can’t live with them, can’t live without them! You just have to fine the right recruiting agency to work with. For example, if you are in New York, you can work with a leading headhunters NYC firm such as Sales Expert Executive Recruiters.

Consult a Trade Journal for your Function or Industry

Trade or business journals can be useful sources of job vacancies, particularly for more specialist function or industry sectors. For a more comprehensive list and a guide to which journal is appropriate for your area of interest, consult the following directories: Willings Press Guide or BRAD which should be available at your local library.


Many large organizations recruit via their corporate web sites and even if specific vacancies are not included, it’s always worth checking a target company’s site as you get a feel for the company and its culture.


Trade Associations and Membership Organizations can be useful sources of vacancy as many of them run recruitment services for their members, benefiting both individual and corporate members.

Networking Groups

Joining a networking group active within your particular field or industry can open the doors to a number of useful opportunities. As well as meeting like-minded and potentially useful individuals, many organizations run recruitment services, often operating a web based message board or newsletter.


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